November Announcements

Choir Attire

Sunday 11th

Youth Choir- Guys (Solid Blue), Altos (Solid Red), Sopranos (Solid White) Black Bottoms 

Male Choir-Black Suit with the Blue Shirt and Tie (Anniversary)

Senior Choir- All Black


*Couples' Night Out- Friday 16th at Henderson Institute Historical Museum.

*Senior Day-Sunday 25th during Morning Worship Service



     **Data Base Update-See Minister Stella Hayes

     **Missionary Department - Collection Non-perishable Items

     **Relay for Life - Lose Change Drive

     **Video Ministry- DVD's- Orlando Owens, CD's -LaTrenda Hawkins


                                  ** Vans-

          Trustee Christopher Burwell (252-767-3375),

           Andrea Roberts (252-432-7852) 

           Claudine Winston (252-432-9948)

Monthly Ministry

*Deacons/Trustee-Saturday 3rd @8am

*Choir Rehearsals-@10am, Youth Rehearsal-     Wednesday 14th @ 6:30

*Women's Ministry-Saturday 17th am (Chapter 5)

*Men's Ministry 3rd Saturday- 8am 

*Missionary Meeting - Cancel Till January 2019

​​​​*Prayer Minister Friday Night at 7pm



Rowland Chapel