Pastor Ronald & Carol Regular

Rowland Chapel Christian Church

 Board of Directors

Deacon William Holden-Chairman

Deacon Ricky Hawkins-Assistant Chairman

Deacon Norman Alston

Deacon Clyde Burwell

Deacon/Trustee Hayes- Chariman

Deacon/Trustee Torrey Thomas

Deacon/Trustee VaShawn Kearney

Trustee Christopher Burwell- Assistant Chairman

Trustee Christopher Hayes

​Trustee Joel Hayes

Deacons Elect 

James Alston and Johnny Harris

Associate Ministers 

Minister Aaron Canady

Minister Annie Davis

Minister Eddie Fogg

Minister Bobby Gaye

Minister Stella Hayes

Minister Doretha Jones

Minister Annie Rice

​Minister Susie Thomas


Deaconess Carol Regular

Deaconess Sandra Holden

Deaconess Louise Alston

Deaconess Betty Burwell

Deaconess Elaine Burwell

Deaconess LaTrenda Hawkins

Deaconess Elect

Juanita Alston and Lorraine Harris